Fat Brain

Lamaze Accordion Bus

Send their senses to school!

This adorable fabric bus unfolds to reveal bright colors, friendly faces in every window, plus a mirror hidden under a crinkle flap.

Meanwhile, one wheel is a textured teether, the other wheel is a squeaker, and when you flip the whole thing over, you'll find black-and-white illustrations depicting lovely schoolyard scenes.

It's a perfect start to their educational journey!

Lamaze Accordion Bus
Fabric sensory book that unfolds to become a school bus
Encourages sensory learning, cause-effect learning
Bright, vibrant colors and black-and-white illustrations engage the eyes
Mirror hidden under a crinkle flap
One wheel is a textured teether, other wheel is a squeaker
Includes one Accordion Bus
Measures 7 x 2 x 7 inches when folded up
High-quality materials and construction - Exceptionally safe and durable