Wooden Puzzle Savana Story


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Savana Story is a fitable wooden puzlze with a very visual design on the issue of forest animals. Relief pieces allow the child to play with animals. Large pieces, easy to grab for the little ones ... 30 x 22 x 2 cm since 1954, DJECECO toys have collaborated to the development of children through recreational, educational and imaginative collections. This is the story of a family business transmitted from mother to child. A tribute to Véronique Michel-Dalès. She is the one who created this small company, in 1954, an era in which few women launched themselves to undertake this type of adventure. I create beautiful, intelligent and playful learning games at the same time. The family business is numb and Frédéric the son of his grows ... In 1989, the young man decides to Awake Djeco and resume the family business. He installs his offices in the old warehouse. At first, he travels the whole world and imports toys that do not exist in France. His vision of his world still permeates the small French company. Then, he dreams of toys that he does not find in the market. Then, you just have to create them! In 1997, endowed with unusual artistic sensibility in the universe of toys, he invents a collection of educational games. First, he begins with puzzles, wooden toys, cardboard puzzles and later, he extends ranges with games of social and symbolic card games and games. So to this day where the brand has been renewed until adapting to the contemporary world, regularly launching totally unpublished collections, conceived by an artistic direction that privileges graphics, design and aesthetics.