Painting Touch and Feel


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A painting activity to decorate 4 designs with coloured impressions. Children place their fingers on the ink pads, then touch the sheets to apply the colour. Precious impressions!

  • A painting activity from the age of 3.
  • The areas where the impressions should be placed are marked.
  • Easy-wash ink.
  • An explanatory booklet in colour with pictures only.
  • Develops touch.
  • Learning colours. Contents: 4 illustrated cards (8.27" x 11.02" , 4 ink pads and 1 explanatory booklet in colour. Recommended for ages 3¬6 years Measurements: 8.27" x 11.02" Design by: Rebecca Galera

Product Overview

  • Dimensions: 1.60"D x 11.70"W x 9.10"H
  • Age: 3-6 years