Paint with Water Animalo-Len

  • Animalo-Len Paint with Water is a fun craft for toddlers! Little ones use the magic pen to reveal what colors are hidden in the drawing. The water pen brings out the colors and once dried, you can start over! Each kit contains 4 sheets and a magic water marker.

    A water-based coloring set specially designed for children aged 18 months and over. Children use the water-filled pencil to color in the white areas of the animals and discover what is hiding underneath. Suddenly, patterns appear and the colors change - it’s like magic! Once the pages are dry, the fun starts all over again!

    An introduction to coloring in for children aged 18 months plus
  • Animal shaped coloring sheets.
  • Magic effect!
  • Large pencil designed for small hands.
  • Sturdy tray to support the 4 boards.
  • Plastic boards for enjoying the activity time and time again.
  • Handy, easily-portable storage pouch.

Contents: 4 illustrated and shaped soft plastic boards with a disappearing white area, a pencil with a water reservoir and 1 thick cardboard stand.
Measurements: 8.31 x 11.38 x 0.83
Designed by: Ell