Magna Tiles Galaxy Rocketshiip


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Unlock a world of learning about planets and our solar system with this Magna-Tiles Structures rocket ship. This rocket ship is compatible with all other Magna-Tiles Structures and original Magna-Tiles sets. All pieces feature SuperColor technology on both sides. Side one contains all the tiles needed to build the rocket ship. Side two includes all the planets of our solar system, two versions of the sun, the moon, and an astronaut. This set contains 16 three-inch squares tiles, 4 isosceles triangle tiles and 4 right triangle tiles. For ages: 3+ years.

About CreateOn: Proud makers of the Magna-Tiles® Structures, CreateOn take products and brands that everyone loves and reimagines them to create new experiences you’ll love even more. Their SuperColor® Technology helps create you cool and exciting creations.